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September 09, 2011

Home is Where His Boots Are....

Wow, its been forever since Ive posted about anything scrappy, but just recently my mama got a job at the LSS in Waxahachie, which has sent me into a scraping frenzy! I've gotten a ton done and I feel so accomplished, plus Ive come to realize its a great way to help rid of any stress I have, which has been a decent amount with the recent passing of my nana; that still has me in awe, even after 6 months, my husband being deployed to Iraq, and me being pregnant with our first born. Not to mention the most recent, my husband's uncle passing away a few nights ago. Un fortunately, this year has not been nice to ANYONE, but as my daddy said the other night, we have something great to look forward to, and he should be arriving within the next few weeks... Of course that would be baby boy Tyler Dean! Oh... and my hubby is coming home for RnR within the next week, so I am one happy camper!

Like I said I have a ton of crafty stuff done, but as always I lack the pictures, so I will get that taken care of tomorrow and get the blog more updated.

Tonight I am posting a crafty project I did for my husband. I saw the quote "Home is Where His Boots Are" and fell in love with it, then walking through the LSS I saw the new Bo Bunny Welcome Home Collection and BAM! I had to do this project, it just came to me so fast and I couldnt pass it up.

Off to work on some more of the album I am doing for my hubby and I, more pics to come tomorrow or Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!!

July 06, 2011

My Angel

I'm just getting around to sharing this with anyone outside of my family. I lost on my nana March 31st, 10 days after my husband deployed. I know that I am still in the stage of not believing it, even after 3 months, so I havent shed too many tears other than the first couple weeks. I saw the 7 Gypsies wall hang up thingy (lol I cant remember what it is actually called) at the local scrappy store in Waxahachie and just had to have it. After being inspired by the owners creation, she did hers on her mom that she lost a few years ago. I made it and gave it to my papa on the night of his and Nana's Anniversary, it would have been 43 years.

So here is my creation, pictures aren't the best but I hope you enjoy. :)

at the

Inside the Binder hinges I put a story that I wrote for my English class, the topic was death, and this was the week after she had passed away so it was a little tough for me, but I did it. Ill post the story below:

The day I died my family surrounded me in that ice cold hospital room, my death struck everyone as a surprise, but I just could not deal with all of the pain anymore. When I saw that bright white light start approaching my lifeless body I knew it was time to go, it saddened me as I watched my family; I saw the tears rolling slowly down my husbands wrinkled face, i laughed I realized after 42 years I had been the one to cause most of those soft deep wrinkles, the rage in my pregnant granddaughters ocean blue eyes grew as she realized the doctor had lied to her, he told her that she would be able to let me hear my great grandchilds heart beat, but what Caitlin didn't realize was that I was already playing and singing to her little baby, and worst of all was my daughters face as she realized she would never have a mother again, she promised me she was coming back home to live with me and help me get through all of this pain and the doctor appointments that I had been having, but God wouldn't let me stay in my frail little body anymore, he knew I was too tired and the pain was only making me worse; now it was time to go up to Heaven and finally leave this Earth.

My soul flew up through the bright blue sky, passing a few birds along the way and landed with a light thud among a soft marshmellowy white cloud, before me I saw something that I had thought about often, but never in my life would I have imagined it to be this beautiful; the gates of Heaven were upon me, the oversized golden gate shimmered like a kings crown as the sun shined upon it. I was in awe as I slowly started walking towards the gates of my new home, this experience was much different than just moving into a new neighborhood, the man at the gate told me that God had been expecting me, but I was told to look around before I go and meet him.

As I walked past those lovely golden gates the smell of carnations filled my nose with an overwhelming job, these were my favorite flowers, as I followed the smell I started seeing the bright red, pink, and yellow flowers pop up along the newly paved brick red path I had already been walking on, it led me to a cottage, the most beautiful cottage I had ever seen. The cottage looked old, but had been newly pained white with green trim, it looked like a replica of our house on Margaret Lane, but was more up to date, the onnly difference was the front yard had been filled with the greenest blades of grass, a wooden fence with carnations weaved in and out of every brand new plank of wood, and a big white and green sign that had Barbara G. Davis engraved on it with my enterance date to Heaven, March 31st 2011. The best part of my new house was seeing my great grand daughter run out of the house yelling, "Nana, you're finally home, I've been waiting on you! We only have a few more months to spend together and I thought you were going to make me wait until September to meet you!"

I wish there was some way to communicate with my family just so I could tell them how much I really do miss them and Heaven is wonderful with its amazing beauty, but I cant wait for them to join me up here. I guess I will just have to wait patiently and be rejoined by my ever loving family soon for the rest of time.

July 04, 2011

I Adore You

Well first off, Happy 4th of July, its my first somewhat major holiday without my hubby here, so its been a hard weekend for me. Hope everyone had a great and safe weekend. I sat around the house for the past 3 days with my grandpa just napping our lives away. Tonight I decided alright its time to do something :)

So I made a card for the hubby and knocked out a ton of challenges with it.

Its not my favorite card, but I think its kinda cute. :)

I'm using this card for the following challenges:

Mojo Monday - Sketch

Creative Inspirations - Red White Blue

The Pink Elephant - Red White Blue

My Time Made Easy - Red WHite Blue

Cupcake Inspirations - Inspiration from Red White Blue Cupcakes

Tuesday Throwdown

The Kraft Journal

Off the Wall Creations

Off to either go to bed or work on something ive been thinking about all day! :)

July 03, 2011

Awesome Give Away :)

A chance to win an awesome prize, go check out Cristal aka Pinky's blog and follow the directions, pretty simple and heck its a chance to win something fun :)

Today consisted of Denny's for breakfast, grocery shopping, an attempt to find maternity clothes with my papa, that was a BIG failure, and then nap time. Then company showed up right as i was cooking dinner, so spent some time in the HOT HOT HOT sun and caught up with them, havent seen them since nana passed away in March, and hadn't seen Peaches since.. oh man we were both so tiny last time we saw each other, now she has a 1 y/o and i have a bun in the oven. Time Flies :)

Tomorrow: Biscuits and gravy - traditional sunday breakfast.. prolly a nap, maybe talk to my hubby if i get lucky and yea, a lazy day, gonna stay off my feet to try to keep this swelling down.

Monday - Pool party/BBQ with company. No fireworks for me, too dry out here.. but I know the stupids will do it anyways sigh!

Alright! Night!!

And dont forget go check out her blog its totally worth it :)

June 30, 2011

You Always Know How to Make my Heart Smile :)

I love love love this card! While I was on skype with my hubby yesterday he informed me that he likes my cards especially when they are for him lol! I havent made him a card in quite some time so today I decided why not. Gonna send it off in his goodie box next week with a bunch of other stuff.

Anyways, I used a pretty awesome sketch from Mojo Monday, go check it out!

Now with that done, I think it is bed time! I am worn out from playing vet. with my dog, she stepped on something and had gushing blood from her foot, poor thing is still limping (And im petrified of blood, not good for me.) Baby kicked alot today, i really think he is starting to realize his daddy's voice, every time I get off skype with Jeff, lil Tyler starts
kicking up a storm, I think that is his way of telling daddy to come home. :) 11 weeks til I get to be in my hubby's arms, and around 12 before baby is due, according to the EOD. :)


Operation Write Home: Day 3

I am way behind on my OP Write Home Cards!!! But the theme for this one was floral PP, I didnt use much, but I included a little bit in there :)

June 27, 2011

Until I get Home

This song is a real tear jerker, I absoultely love his talent and voice though. Really hit home with me, 3 months til RnR and 9 til he back home for good, I cant wait.

Today Im finally getting into the dr so I can get a referral for my new OBGYN, I am so ready to start getting check ups on baby Tyler again, havent had one since May 16th. Hopefully get something crafty accomplished today and talk to my hubby but we will see what today has in store for me. :)

Operation Write Home : Day 2

Im not a fan of this card, but its not all that bad either, just went completly different than what I had in mind, maybe its cause im tired.. that could prolly be it. :)

The challenge for Day two is Stipes, pretty simple :)

Papers: Stella Rose - My Minds Eye
Embellies - Random
Stamp - Digi (And I have no idea where from!)

June 26, 2011

"Be good and if you can't be good, be stylish" - Anna Wooten

I absolutely love this card! I got this stamp at the National Scrapbook Convention here in Arlington last month and have just now gotten around to using it, and I must say, It is a blast to use!! :) I did this card for a challenge over at Card Patterns, I love the sketch, even though I didnt follow it exactly, I got inspired by it!

Papers: Stella Rose by My Minds Eye
Stamped Image and Saying: The Rubber Cafe: Be Stylish
Embellies: From stash